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Its sirrodney late at night on Friday. We are chatting online and you are making the usual threats about the size of the tool and how good you are sirrodney with him! I'm listening as always, but this time I call your bluff. Its close to midnight and type I, ' Ok, I'm on my way to you, what is the address? ' question, because now you realize that this can reach all the BS! But his curiosity will be best for you. Lets face it, hot wet black pussy on a plate. It's easy! quick to address and press ' Send'. at the same time are overcome by a wave of regret. You think, ' Shit, what am I doing? This could be the worst mistake ever. What if it is an absolute dog ? Now she knows where I live? ? 'Wait, sirrodney but only if its good reputation, take a quick shower, cool y. His heart is pumping and your cock is rock. You can feel the blood pumping sirrodney from the base to the tip. His final drive late as in against your jeans push. 'Fuck ! ' The tabs of eachand remove the old boxer. This is necessary to make things easier later How are re- leg jeans are a light horn sounds a bib under his window. 'Ok, the sirrodney game is on! ' falls forward, near the top of the door, how you made ​​your jeans and grab the keys in a hurry. As you can see the door behind you, you see, a black VW Golf Cabrio. The windows are dark, so there is no indication of what to expect. your heart is beating in your chest as you grab the doorknob and slowly open the car door. diving into the car and see the sweetest smile and sirrodney bright brown eyes. 'Hello,' he says. his hair is short and punk in a sexy, dirty, and his voice is deep, husky and warm. Only the sound it makes ur cock tremble with anticipation. ' enter,' he says. Soon you'll be sitting there beside her, instead of 2 months of sexual cat and mouse in cyberspace. There is a voltage in the air and whistling while you have sirrodney anotherlook it begins to rain lightly. You hear the drops wide and flat, as they impact on the canvas roof. You feel like something or to say to break the tension, 'What do you want ?' He asked with a trembling voice. 'You' she replies. Will jet- ski at the local club and park as close to the water's edge, such as security permits, like the waves against the dam and crashing thunder startled easily begin a few miles away. They realize that they are completely under control. That is their agenda, so you might as well just go for a walk. She comes over and puts his hand in the groin. Its tail is a clear indication of their level of arousal. Due to heavy denim stirred the layout of the swollen limbs and his cock under his touch. sirrodney Throw the keys and the feathers of the penis, erect throbbing, red, and ready. hunger that leads to the head of his cock between my teeth and slowly leads to the length of the mouth and back of your throat. She is ambitious, butonly be given two-thirds of the generous, as it closes lips around his cock and starts sucking the traceability of the length to the top in a slow, steady movements. slow the pace of your career and you can feel the excitement mounting up, but do not want this to end too quickly. Reluctantly, they head and gently push on the chair. When she sits down her skin open and she is dressed only in short supply, for every occasion! His large brown breasts sirrodney spill over a white silk bra and kicker play the triangle are sirrodney visible, but sirrodney darker in the shade. Move your hand between your legs and discover why. She is totally soaked ! A as your hand touches the most intimate, she gasps in response. You will move the hand, but she grabs his wrist and presses it against her, more difficult than daring, without his encouragement. His fingers quickly in a side entrance and you're soaked pantiesagainst the warm, moist juices of wax that is willing to provide. Try to undress and quickly manage to hit your head against the windshield and nearly put his elbow through the side window ! Whisper 'in the back gets'. Thrown from the car jump and move to the back door, such as clothing as possible when you are outdoors. Once you're in the back, you realize that they already have in these few seconds more to do. As you sit in the back seat, you sit with your back against the windshield. One leg in each well at the front, ready -perpetuating one hand on the handbrake and pussy in the shifter. your eyes are attached which takes two fingers and moved her wet panties aside. You know what happened and catch your breath in the chest still waiting for the moment. undertakes the first close your eyes and raised his arms and locks his fingers behind his head while slightly reduced in the golf roundBall shifter. You can hear the wet pussy juices specify how lubricating oil give way to allow access. She goes down, eyes closed and mouth open. Then slowly rises to the top without having to escape the club head. Suddenly you realize and recognize your own actions, desperately masturbating and near the point of no return. ' do not come,' he says. 'I want to fuck me in the rain. ' You jump out of the car and find, as they are beyond the control of the front door. Direct reaches the sea with a deafening thunder and rain, he turns his back to you, spread curves, apart from his feet and place your palms on the floor. his penis is 90 degrees and do not need instructions. move forward and meet the head of sirrodney his penis between your lips moist and shiny as the excess juices to run in their legs. as they rip into her, her cries are barely audible, in competition with the waves, rain and thunder. you are both comsoaking wet, but nothing else matters except what happened. You feel your orgasm push his stomach, and make your hips and hold as you make your hot steaming load release. His body is warm, tingling sensation, but also a little deaf. How do you keep both your position, you are still a feeling in the back. As a cramp or a muscle contraction. You open your eyes and realize that it's really touching a person. She is still hanging between your legs, keeping the head received by one of the best in Kent. There are a cop, tapping on the shoulder. 'Oi mate, can not come here in this climate. ' A slow smile, lazy creeps across your face as you answer ' Sorry officer, but we already have and if it is the same as you, me, we believe that running again! '
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